Process controllers


Powerful, reliable, flexible and economical controllers



1. Reasons to choose.


Programmable controllers of the PC 3000 series are based on an architecture made up of an industrial PC that uses the most widespread market standards and by one or more PLC for all the digital and analogic interfaces with the field.

The choice of using a widespread support environment such as Windows by Microsoft and SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) such as BridgeVIEW, modifies the reference system and finally ensures availability of instruments adequate for the requirements of the users.

Easy to use graphic interfaces , powerful  reliable hardware and software configured to international standards, are the biggest guarantees for an investment  to last,  to develop and to implement according to requirements.

PC 3000 systems represent the most advanced and flexible solution currently available on the market for process automation and is ideal for use in the food, cable, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and textile industries.






2. The architecture of a PC 3000 control system


The integration of PC 3000 with TINTORETTO® , one of the most powerful and widespread supervision systems for the textile industry, allows the user to choose from among several operating solutions according to specific requirements.



2.1 Field controller


The first solution and one of  the most widespread, provides for a PC+PLC controller on board each machine. The operator, protected by a reliable security system, carries out all the operations directly requested in place.

Controllers can be integrated with TINTORETTO® in any of the many configurations available.



2.2 Centralized controller


The second solution provides for a graphic interface on board the machine (HMI+PLC) for visualising the state of the machine. Programming cycles and executions take place thanks to a centralized Personal Computer in which a TINTORETTO®  monitor is installed.



3. Hardware configuration


The panel industrial PC is contained in a chassis which includes a central microprocessor unit, RAM memory, hard disc, feeder, LCD display unit with touch screen and communication interfaces with PLC.





The operator intrface is completely graphic in MS WINDOWS 95/98 environment. This allows for maximum simplicity of operation augmented by the  use of a touch screen for an immediate man-machine interaction.

The software package is capable of managing the best brand PLC such as Omron, Siemens and Telemechanique and it offers  full compatibility with the main industrial communication bus and protocols.

All digital and analogic interfaces with the field are managed by one or more PLCs to allow the maximum product modularity and flexibility.



4. Software application


The sophisticated software application

 SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) + HMI ( Human Machine Interface) based on BridgeVIEW environment by National Instruments is entirely multitasking and multithreading and  offers several functions. The main ones are:

  • Synoptic machine animation.

  • Several simultaneously controlled    processes.

  • Automatic and semiautomatic management and manual commands.

  • Cycles editor.

  • Alarm management and file according to EEC regulations.

  • Management and file trend of analogic format with possibility to extract and remove data from the database (for example to spreadsheet and tables).

  • System logging.

  • System security (255 password levels).

  • ODRC and SQL standard database.

  • Link to a system of process supervision and centralization.

The versatility of the system guarantees a swift programming cycle, memorization and execution; at each stage of the individual programs it is possible to recall different functions previously introduced with the possibility of subsequent modifications and further integration.

The updating and the modification of PC 3000 cycles and programs can be carried out directly on the PC through the supervision system or, in case of necessity, through a telephone link with our assistance center (Teleassistance).

The link with the supervision system is easy and immediate and it takes place directly on local network Ethernet 10\100 Bit, either on current loop line or on RS-232 and/or RS-185 serial line.

In its totality, PC 3000 represents the technological synthesis that OBSA MTC Industries S.r.l. offers as an answer to current requirements of industrial automation development and production.