Supervision Systems


The ideal platform for the integrated management of Industrial Dyeworks





1.  Applications


TINTORETTO® offers a solution for all problems of automatic management of  Industrial Dyeworks. It is available in flexible modules which can be installed according to specific requirements. TINTORETTO®  can be the supervisor of a series of dyework machines controlled by LC 3000 and with a graphic interface (HMI) installed in the machine.

In addition to this, it easily manages a series of dyework machines controlled by PC 3000 (PC+PLC): production stages, stock updating in the warehouse, recipe and production cycles of a dyework perfectly automated and integrated in all its work stages.

Its high configurability makes it possible to easily interface both with AS-400 and with other environments, encouraging a safe and reliable data exchange.



2. The experience


TINTORETTO®  is installed in about a hundred dyeworks in Italy and abroad.

Its continual development, encouraged by our concern in resolving many problems that the users have  to face, makes it one of the most popular and highly performing systems in the sector.



3. The characteristics


The technical characteristics which have encouraged the diffusion of TINTORETTO®  are:

  • The standard graphic interface Windows® makes it an easy-to-use product even for operators who don't have specific skills.

  • The use of a relational database makes the data management safe and reliable.

  • Reliable monitoring and production process control.

  • The possibility of linking with the main programmers present on the market.



  • Management of Dyework cycles.

  • Pointing out and filing alarms and malfunctions.

  • Management of production historical archives.

  • Management of production distribution. 

  • Production planning.

  • Recipes management.

  • Management of the coloring agents and auxiliary storages.

  • Efficiency, productivity and delays statistics.

  • Complete integration with the   production control system  TINTORETTO® Manager.

  • Link with the company management processor.

  • The integration and the interfacing of the following automatic devices:

  • Automatic dosage system for fluids and powders.

  • Automatic movement systems for materials.

  • Scales for the controlled weighing of powders.

  • Powder dissolving systems.

  • Instrumental recipe system.


4. Technical characteristics


Programming language: Visual Basic®.

Database: Acces 7.0.SQL Server.

Operating system: WindowsNT, Windows'95 and Windows'98.

Possible host links: AS 400, Unix and WindowsNT.

Link with host: by file ASCII.

Dosing system: Lawer, Doschem-Rotocolor, Leims, Sate and Color Service.

Programmers: A&S, OBSA, B&B, Bellini and Arctronic.